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Suzuki Program

Our Suzuki Program

The Suzuki Program at Middlesex Music Academy is a 24-week program, offered at the beginning of each school year. The program includes both group & private lessons, offered weekly from Suzuki certified instructors.

The Suzuki Method is a method used to teach an instrument the same way the child learns to speak a native language. Teachers are trained by a certified teacher trainers to ensure they have not only proper information but a required amount observation hours of experienced Suzuki teachers to teach this method to the best of their ability.

Spring 2023 Session

  • $57/week tuition
  • Weekly private and group lessons
  • Four-week add/drop period

What to Expect

Our Suzuki Program is designed to teach children to play music the same way they learn to speak. Our program works differently than traditional lessons in two ways. First, Group Lessons are a crucial part of learning the Suzuki method. Students will participate in Group Lessons every week, outside of their private lesson.. Secondly, we ask that parents actively participate in their child's lesson program. Most parents are asked to participate in 2-3 lessons alongside their child. This helps develop a home environment that encourages learning at home.

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Meet Our Teachers

Here at Middlesex Music Academy, we are proud to offer a Suzuki Program consisting of Suzuki violin, viola, cello, and guitar. Our teachers are trained in the Suzuki method by professional teacher trainers through the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Read more about our teachers below!

John Cesar - Guitar

John completed his Bachelor’s of Music in Guitar Performance from The John J. Cali School of Music at Montclair State University and a Master’s Degree at the Hartt School of Music. While at Hartt John worked closely with award winning guitarist Christopher Ladd and the renowned classical guitar pedagogue, Richard Provost. As teacher John has been working with students of all ages and levels for over 8 years. Students of his  in the past have recorded their own music, gotten into high school jazz bands, and been accepted into college music programs. John is also a registered Suzuki guitar instructor through the Suzuki Association of the Americas.


Ready to Sign Up?

Are you ready to sign up for lessons with one of our trained instructors? We've made the process easy and totally painless. Click the button to use the interactive widget and book your first lesson today! If you'd rather enroll in lessons over the phone, feel free to give us a call at 860-344-0525 instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do Suzuki method?
The Suzuki method is for children to learn and connect to music in the same way that they learn to talk. Every child learns to speak their native language fluently since it is what is being spoken and encouraged at home. Dr. Suzuki’s method proves that in the same any child can learn to play and understand music with the proper in home environment. With belief in the child the child will succeed.

What are the benefits of Suzuki?
Over the years the Suzuki method has shown the musical and personal growth in many children. Parents loving seeing how much their children enjoy their weekly music lessons. The connection that the parents and the child make together through music becomes a part of their lives. Many families that are at hesitate about the commitment level at first soon see the connection that their child makes with music and learn to be a successful Suzuki Parents through the help of the teacher and the Suzuki community.

What does the ‘Suzuki Repertoire’ consist of?
The music in book 1 is primary traditional American folk songs, “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”, “Are You Sleeping?” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. It then starts introduce more standard classical oriented pieces as the student moves into book 2 and beyond.

Do I need to read Nurtured by Love?
Yes, every Suzuki teacher and parent begins their introduction to the Suzuki Method by reading Nurtured by Love. The book provides an insight from Shinichi Suzuki himself about the philosophy and principles of the method. He does this though stories of his own life and teaching experiences.

Will they only know how to play the Suzuki repertoire?
Although they learn through the Suzuki repertoire the techniques and skills learned will always be applicable to any style of music. Many students will develop musicianship skills such as aural skills, music history, awareness of musical concepts, appreciation of many styles of music, and eventually reading music. From this they will foster a lifelong connection to their instrument and music.

How old does my child have to be for Suzuki lessons?
The Suzuki method is designed for children ages 4 and up. Every child has the ability to learn music from a young age. The development and success of the child is dependent on the patience and understanding of the parent.

Do I need to have a background in music?
No many Suzuki Parents don’t have any background in music prior to beginning lessons. For this reason many parents are encouraged to either have 2-3 lessons with the Suzuki teacher on being a Suzuki parent and the basics of the instrument. Dependent on the amount of parents registered this can be done in a group setting.

What is a proper ‘in home environment’?
Making sure the child knows that they have specific time, and place to have their daily practice. If possible this should be a room, or part of a room, designated only for practice time. This space should be away from other distractions and use only for music practice. The student should see practice time as any other important part of their day. For the listening portion the parent should plan when they will play the recording. Lastly, the parents job is to provide encouragement for music by showing interest and excitement in and outside of the lessons and practice times

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