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Vater Extended Play Series Drumstick

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Size: 5B

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The Vater R&D Team introduces a new innovation in drumsticks that guarantees increased durability and no breakage due to wear in the rimshot area. For the past 14 months, Vater has been working on what is now called the Extended Play™ Series.

The Vater Extended Play™ Series is an extremely durable drumstick that has two distinct features to help address issues of common wear and tear on a players’ drumsticks. The first feature is a pearl-colored, specially formulated durable finish that protects the tip and shoulder area of the stick to slow early chipping and cracking. The second feature is our exclusive 3 inch “ Stick Shield™ “ located in the rimshot area that is highly impact resistant and 8X stronger than Steel with maximum tensile strength. The grip area of the stick has the same great-feeling finish as found on all Vater Sticks. Extended Play™ sticks offer the optimal balance and feel of a Vater hickory stick, with advanced durability and resistance to rimshot fatigue and breakage. Patent Pending. Visit for warranty info.

• Durable Finish on tip and shoulder
• Stick Shield™ prevents wear and breakage in the “rimshot” area
• Same great balance and feel as standard models, but with unmatched durability
• GUARANTEED against breakage due to wear in the area protected by the Stick Shield™ • Available in 5A, 5B, Power 5A, Power 5B and 3A, wood or nylon tip as well as in the MV7 and MV8 Marching Snare Stick models

"The only stick that can hold up to some serious abuse night after night...The Vater Extended Play™ 5B gives me the power I need without sacrificing dynamics or mobility." - Kent Diimmel [In This Moment]

“In the past I would typically get one 45 minute show out of a pair of sticks. Luckily, Vater Extended Play™ sticks have changed that. I’m now getting 5 shows out of a single pair of sticks and am able to lay into rimshots without worrying about stick durability.” - Elliot Babin [Touche Amore]

"After a couple weeks of playing, the tip and shoulder areas of the Extended Plays were the first to show signs of wear. But the damage was subtle and certainly not enough for me to justify tossing the sticks in the trash. After about three weeks, I started to see some slight splintering around the Stick Shield rimshot area. Even with my heavier playing style, the lifespan of the Extended Play sticks was double that of traditional sticks, while maintaining the familiar feel of regular models. If you typically have to toss sticks prematurely because of shattered wood around the rimshot area, the Extended Play series would be a great alternative rather than going to a fully synthetic stick." - Modern Drummer Magazine

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