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Band Requirements

Keigwin upgraded to a new Method Book!

The Essential Elements Band Method includes access to an online, interactive platform. EEi is an easy set of technology tools for online learning, teaching, assessment, and communication… ideal for today’s band students both in the classroom and at home -

Keigwin has purchased this book for you!

EEi Assignments allows Ms. Harmon to guide students better in their home practice.

Features include:

  • Online Assignments to help students prepare for class

  • Recording Assignments for teacher feedback

  • All-Music Studio for students to record any music

  • Self-Assessments to help student further improve their musical knowledge and playing ability

  • Practice Records to help students and teachers plan home practice while keeping parents informed of practice goals and progress

With EEi Assignments, Ms. Harmon can provide more guidance for students in their home practice and empower them to become better students and musicians.

The EEi Music Studio makes learning to play more effective and more fun… in class or at home!

Features Include:

  • Professional Soloists demonstrating each exercise in the book

  • Multiple Accompaniment Styles for each exercise, performed by professional musicians

  • Recording Feature to share music with teachers, friends, and relatives

  • Tempo Control for more effective learning and practice

  • EEi Practice Tools including built-in metronome, tuner, and fingering charts

  • Easy-to-use Interface to make playing, recording, and sharing simple and fun

Keigwin has purchased this book for you!

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Woodwind Requirements

Ms. Harmon's Woodwind Requirements

Cleaning Products

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All About Reeds!


When placing the reed on your mouthpiece, a good position is when the reed just barely covers the black mouthpiece - or maybe you can see a little sliver of the black mouthpiece over the top of the reed. You just don't want the reed too high.


Reeds are numbered from 1.5 to 5, using every half-number (1.5, 2, 2.5, etc.).  The higher the number is, the harder the reed will be.  As beginners in elementary school, students start on #2 reeds and should try playing on #2.5 as soon as possible (6th grade).  The idea is to play on the hardest reed the student can appropriately handle.


Clarinet and Sax players should always have about five reeds in rotation.  If you buy a box of 10 now, you’ll be all set for the year.  Use a sharp pencil or a marker to identify which reed you will use for each day (mark your “Day 1” reed, your “Day 2” reed, and so on).  Get into a 5-day rotation, using “Reed 1” for “Day 1”, “Reed 2” for “Day 2”, etc.


Reeds must be stored carefully in a case that allows them to dry and doesn't expose them to excessive heat or cold.  Basically, just make sure they can dry and that they don't break.  Weather changes - particularly in spring and fall - can cause the reeds to warp.  Your reed is warped if you look at the tip of it and it looks wavy.  Throw it away; it's difficult to play on and doesn't sound very good.  That’s why you should have at least five reeds!!

Reeds should also be thrown out if they are chipped or cracked at all.  Yes, they often can still be played on, but it’ll be more difficult, and it won't sound very good.  That’s why you should have at least five reeds!!

Reeds must be "broken in".  Don’t play on a new reed for more than 10-15 minutes a day.  If a reed looks very wet and streaky (as though you could almost see through the tip), it is waterlogged and needs to be put away.  After a couple of weeks, it will be broken in enough to play on for an entire rehearsal or practice session.  A reed shouldn't be overworked -- switch them off and don't play on the same reed two days in a row.  Oh, and one more thing: You should always have at least five reeds!!


Clarinet Reeds

Saxophone Reeds

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Brass Requirements

Ms. Harmon's Brass Requirements

Additionally Recommended by The Academy

Bass Guitar Requirements

Ms. Harmon's Bass Guitar Requirements

Percussion Requirements

Ms. Harmon's Percussion Requirements

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