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Guitar Repair and Maintenance

Guitar Repair and Maintenance

Our on-site luthiers are trained and equipped to handle all your needs! From basic maintenance to full fret replacements, our fully equipped repair facility is able to remedy any issue your guitar may have. We offer basic maintenance packages as well as customization and specialty work. All repairs are done in-store, so most repairs are completed within a few days! A 90-day warranty is offered with every service we offer to guarantee your satisfaction. 


Electric/Acoustic    $15
Classical                   $25
plus cost of strings*

The Standard Re-String service is great for guitars that have been well cared for but just need new strings! More than just a re-string, we perform other basic maintenance to insure your guitars longevity.

  • Removal of old strings
  • Oiling of fingerboard
  • Basic body polishing
  • Headstock cleaning
  • Re-Stringing with new strings of your choice

Basic Setup

$80 plus cost of strings*

The Basic Setup provides all the necessary adjustments your guitar needs to play its best. We will make sure the action is as low as it can be without buzzing, set the intonation and make sure all parts are in proper working order.

  • Truss Rod Adjustments
  • Saddle and Bridge Adjustments
  • Re-secure all hardware
  • Basic Electronic repairs (including output jack)
  • Oil Fingerboard
  • Fret polishing
  • Body Cleaning and Buffing
  • Re-Stringing with new strings of your choice

Full Setup/Floyd Rose

$120 plus cost of strings*

The Full Setup is appropriate for Floyd Rose guitars and guitars that may not have been maintained in the past or that have just been played hard! Does the guitar have bent or broken hardware? Cracked nut or saddle? Dents on the frets or sharp frets?

  • Includes a Basic Setup
  • Plastic saddle replacement (if necessary)
  • Plastic nut replacement (if necessary)
  • Fret Leveling
  • Fret Crowning
  • Fret End Dressing

Other Services Include:

  • Truss Rod Adjustment
  • Nut Replacement
  • Saddle Replacement
  • Custom Graphite or Bone Nut
  • Custom Graphite or Bone Saddle
  • Bridge Re-Glue
  • Spot and Crack Repair
  • Re-Glue Broken Headstock
  • Neck Re-Set
  • Custom Noise Reduction
  • Pickup Swap
  • Active Pickup Converstion
  • Jack Replacement
  • Replace Volume/Tone Pot
  • Replace Selector Switch

*Floyd Rose bridges are an additional cost. If you wish, you may provide your own strings.

Repair times and prices are not guaranteed, as every guitar is different! An estimated cost of repairs will be given upon inspection. Any increase in cost will be gone over with customer prior to any additional work/pickup. Special orders of parts needed that are not in stock may cause a delay. Though our repair techs are scheduled to be in every day, they do sometimes get sick, take vacations and celebrate holidays. 90-day warranty offered with every repair, no stipulations! All action adjustments are set-up to be as low as they can be without buzzing at normal pressure and standard tuning. If you would like an action that is a little bit higher, play heavy, or would like your guitar setup for a non-standard tuning you need to let us know. 

No Appointment Necessary! - Drop it off any time!

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