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Music is better with friends

Our Group Classes are a great way to apply what you're learning in lessons! And with our Group Class Pass, you can attend as many Group Classes as you want. Give us a call if you want to find out more.
We've made joining a Group Class simple! If you want to start attending Group Classes, sign up for our Unlimited Group Class Pass. The Pass lets you attend as many Group Classes as you want! Pay one monthly amount, and enjoy access to all of our Group Classes.

You can also pay to attend just one Class, and try it out for a day. Our teachers are always happy to meet new students, so feel free to try out any Class you'd like!

Upcoming Group Classes

Youth String Quartet

Are you looking for a way to explore chamber music with other string players? The traditional string quartet consists of two violins, a viola, and a cello. Each group will have a chance to record and/or perform with their classmates!

String Ensemble

String Ensemble is a class where students of all ages and levels are welcome to come and play a variety of music with fellow string players. Students will learn what it means to be part of an ensemble, as well as working within each section of the orchestra.

Rock Band Group Class

The Rock Band is great for students of all ages. The emphasis of this ensemble is learning to play your part within the structure of a band. Students in this ensemble are expected to have a basic understanding of their instrument. The Ensemble Program encourages teamwork and demands collaboration. This class meets every-other Saturday, and will include performances for your friends and family! If you are interested in participating in an ensemble, sign up below!

Jul 27
Adult Guitar Ensemble
Jul 27
Youth Guitar Ensemble
Jul 31
Youth String Quartet

Single Group Class

Try out one day of any Group Class you'd like! You can sign up for the Pass if you decide you want to keep coming, or try as many classes as you want!

Unlimited Pass

Pay one amount, and attend unlimited classes all month! Use the form below to sign up, and then give us a call or visit to get on the schedule.


Not sure which to pick? Looking for more information? Or just want to chat? We're here to answer all your questions! Give us a call at 860-344-0525, or send us a message!

Need Something? We're Here.

Have a question about your student's instrument? Looking for information about rental instruments? Need a music book for school? We're happy to help!

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About Us!

Your place for music lessons and supplies in Middletown. Middlesex Music Academy is a non-corporate locally owned business. As a member of the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce we strive to support local businesses and build the community as a whole.