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440 Main Street - Middletown CT 06457
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Brass Instruments

Brass Accessories


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Al Cass Valve/Key Oil


Bach Leather Valve Guard


Bach Standard Series Trumpet Mouthpiece


Bach TB200 F Attachment Trombone


Bach TB301 Student Model Trombone


Bach Tuning Slide Grease (Liquid)


Blessing 6.5ALL Large Shank Trombone Mouthpiece


Blessing Cornet Mouthpiece


Blessing French Horn Mouthpiece


Blessing Small Shank Trombone/Baritone Mouthpiece


Blessing Trumpet Mouthpiece


Blue Juice Valve Oil

$4.95 $5.35

Denis Wick Fibre Straight Trombone Mute

$19.95 $24.99

Denis Wick Fibre Straight Trumpet Mute


Getzen 590S Capri Intermediate Trumpet


Harmon "Tripl-Play" Wow-Wow Cup Mute


Herco Brass Mouthpiece Brush

$2.50 $3.32

Herco Complete Care Trombone Maintenance Kit

$18.95 $23.14

Herco Complete Care Trumpet/Cornet Maintenance Kit

$21.95 $28.12

Herco Trumpet Flex Brush


Herco Valve Casing Brush


Jupiter 1100 Series JTB1150FO Trombone (Open Wrap F Attachment)


Jupiter 1100 Series JTR1100S Bb Trumpet (Silver Plated)


Jupiter JHR1100 Double Horn


Jupiter JTR700 Trumpet


NEMC Low Brass Care Kit


NEMC Trombone Care Kit


NEMC Trumpet Care Kit


Prelude Student Model Pocket Trumpet


Prelude Student Model TB711 Tenor Trombone


Prelude Student Model TB711F Tenor Trigger Trombone


Prelude Student Model TR711 Bb Trumpet


ProTec Max Contoured Trumpet Case

$69.95 - $74.95

ProTec Trumpet LIBERTY Aluminum Mute - Straight


Rotary Valve Oil


Selmer Trombone Slide-O-Mix Lubricant Set

$16.95 $19.00

Selmer Trombone Slide-O-Mix Rapid Comfort


Ultra Pure Professional Valve Oil (For PIstons or Rotors)


Wittner 886 Taktell Super Mini - Mini Plastic Metronome Black


Yamaha Trombone Slide Lubricant


Yamaha Vintage Synthetic Valve Oil


pBone Plastic Trombone


Yamaha Synthetic Valve Oil


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