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Rock Band Group Classes

Start Rockin' Today!
The Rock Band is great for students of all ages. The emphasis of this ensemble is learning to play your part within the structure of a band. Students in this ensemble are expected to have a basic understanding of their instrument. The Ensemble Program encourages teamwork and demands collaboration. The ensemble is a two month program that will challenge your ability and force you to practice more!  The program will conclude with a live performance at a public venue, where friends and family can see you at your best! If you are interested in participating in an ensemble, sign up below!

Our group classes are a great way to apply what you're learning in private lessons!

Spring Session 2020
Spring Rock Band is Rockin' in the Park! This year's session will run from April 11th - May 30th, and will conclude with a concert at the Middletown Green (Union Park). If you have a basic understanding of your instrument - guitar, bass, voice, keyboard/piano, drums, woodwind or brass - consider joining the current session of our Rock Band! If you aren't sure if a student is a good fit for our ensemble, give us a call for more info!

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The ensemble is an eight-week program, once a week, that will challenge your ability and force them to practice more. The group meets at 10:00am at Middlesex Music Academy, every Saturday. You will be learning how to perform within a group and how to function as a whole. The instructor will be coaching you on performance technique, group dynamics and stage etiquette. The program will conclude with a live performance for friends and family! You will be performing the songs you have worked on in rehearsal, possibly more if the group dynamics allow.
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