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Piano Lessons

Interested in piano lessons in Middletown, CT? Our professional instructors can help you learn, no matter what your skill level.

Philip DeFazio

I studied piano performance at The Hartt School of Music in West Hartford, Connecticut, and have been teaching piano for the past eleven years as a private teacher in Connecticut and at Freehold Music Center in Freehold, New Jersey. As a professional performer and experienced teacher, I try to bring a balance of technical knowledge and constructive guidance to every lesson giving students the opportunity to apply their skills and inspire them to expand their imaginations. I began piano lessons at age 5. I studied classical up through high school. I involved myself every year with school choir and music theory classes which helped me tremendously in my understanding of voicing, harmony, dissonance, progressions, and much much more. I began writing songs early on and have always involved myself in many styles of music. Synthesizers and electronic keyboards caught my attention early on for their diversity. I have been able to express full ideas into audible reality by learning how to create, record and manipulate multiple tracks to produce and complete compositions and song ideas. Possibilities are endless for those students who choose to incorporate electronic keyboards and synths into their instrumental vocabulary. I will be sure to introduce all my students to the endless creative potential of electronic keyboard instruments in some form or another, depending upon their level of interest.

I also pushed myself to expand upon my jazz knowledge through study and listening to both music and online tutorials. I have been involved with jazz/funk /soul projects which focused mainly on jazz fusion material. I also perform solo piano gigs at restaurants in the area playing a combination of styles. I consider myself a musician who can get students to the point where they have a good working knowledge of reading, improvisation, chord voicing, rhythm, and playing with other players. I will strive to incorporate any student’s repertoire into those of other students giving them the amazing experience of performing with others. I will do my very best to make sure all my students have a well rounded understanding of music and the skills need to move to the next level.

Kevin Wyman

Kevin Wyman is a multi-instrumentalist, who has proven himself as an entertaining performer and a devoted educator. His versatility on a collection of instruments – including bass, acoustic & electric guitar, piano, drums and banjo – has taught Kevin that one does not teach a student how to play an instrument. Ultimately, you are showing a student how to make music. He specializes in teaching jazz and blues to intermediate and advanced students, but has a love for working with beginners and young children to foster musical growth as well. Kevin earned his Bachelor’s of Music from the University of Massachusetts in Lowell. There, he studied both bass and piano under the direction of countless world-class jazz and classical musicians. Through his excellent education in jazz music, Kevin developed a philosophy of teaching music through making music. While memorizing scales may be helpful to a beginner, to grow as a musician, you must make music with others. This idea shapes how Kevin prepares each lesson – the student should be making music with the teacher as soon as possible. Kevin currently lives in Middletown, CT, and is constantly working to better himself as a musician and an educator.

Aleksandra Szczygiel

Aleksandra is a recent graduate from CCSU, where she received a bachelor’s in music education. During her time there, she has studied vocals for 5.5 years, and was the assistant director of the CCSU all female collegiate a capella group for 3 years. Aleksandra has also taught herself how to play the piano at age 5, and later on studied jazz piano with Hartford’s jazz great, Jen Allen. Aleksandra has worked with many local musicians, and has even had the pleasure of jamming out with drummer, Jaimoe, from Allman Brothers! Aleksandra is now working as the music teacher at Quinnipiac Elementary School in New Haven, along with teaching private vocal and piano lessons here at Middlesex Music Academy. Currently, she is a member of the New England Chamber Choir, and performs in operas at the Bushnell.

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