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Come one, come all to Middlesex Music Academy's new Four Chord Fiesta! The Four Chord Fiesta is a friendly jam open to all levels. The only rule: No Song Can Contain More Than Four Chords! Song lists will be available but come prepared with songs that you'd like to play! There are no skill level requirements, all are welcome! New players will learn how to keep time with other musicians and advanced players will be given the opportunity to take a solo! Ukuleles and Bass Guitars Welcome!

Cost: $ 5.00
Put your skills to the test and join our Summer Rock Band! Each week is a different general theme including 80's , Punk, Classic and Modern Rock. The emphasis of this ensemble is learning to play your part within the structure of a band. Students in this ensemble are expected to have the basics of their instruments down, but will be given the opportunity learn the basics of a group performance. This one week intensive is from 9am to 1pm with a performance on the final day! Choose which week works withing your schedule or join them all to learn all you can!

Cost: $ 200.00
The ukulele is a fun and easy to learn instrument! Join us for this five day ukulele class. You will learn basic chords and strum patterns by playing songs by the Beatles, Jason Mraz and others. No experience is necessary and if you don't already own an instrument you can borrow one. For ages 10 and up, younger kids are welcome if parent and child take the class together.

Cost: $ 60.00
This class is for people who have already taken the beginner ukulele class or have some knowledge and playing experience under their belt. Various finger-picking patterns, more advanced strumming patterns, and bar chords will be introduced. We will learn songs by Train, Imagine Dragons, the Beatles, and others. For ages 10 and up.

Cost: $ 60.00
Take your ukulele playing to the next level by joining the Middlesex Music Academy Ukulele Orchestra! On the 3rd Saturday of every month, we will meet and practice beginner to intermediate arrangements of well-known folk and popular songs. Students should have knowledge of basic chords and basic rhythms before joining (whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes). For those who donít read standard notation, the parts will also be written out in tablature. This is a great way to learn ensemble playing skills, meet other ukulele enthusiasts, and have fun!

Cost: $ 10.00
Colla Voce is a musical term meaning "follow the voice" which our Youth Voice Series is appropriately named after. Children who are in grades 5 and younger may not be ready to take private voice lessons but can still benefit from vocal instruction and getting to know their voice. In this course that meets weekly we will discus our voice as an instrument, familiarize ourself with vocal anatomy and how to make and change our sound. We will be constantly working on solo and ensemble pieces; experimenting with expression and dynamics as an individual as well as touching on blending our sound with others and introducing harmony as a group.

Cost: $ 40.00
The Encore Series is for students who are looking for solo as well as duo/trio/group performance opportunities or students who have finished series II of Colla VOCE and want to continue their vocal education. For these students we offer a weekly independent study. Students will work on their own projects with guidance from the instructor. There will be classes dedicated to technique, rehearsal and performance. The Encore Series is always changing depending on the interests of the students, no two classes will be the same. The objective of this series is to help the student expand their knowledge of their voice as an instrument and to learn what they are capable of as performers as well as increasing their repertoire.

Weekly performance based master class with feed back. These classes are not lessons, strictly feed back on work youíve done yourself. Must sign up week before

Only $60 for the entire six-week series!

This session is lead by Karen Hogg. A Berklee College of Music graduate, Karen brings a wealth of experience in musical instruction. She is a prolific performer and author, having written many articles for Acoustic Guitar magazine and Fretboard Journal, including interviews with legends Les Paul and Tommy Ramone. She has written two instructional books for guitar: Guitar Made Easy and Women in Rock. Her 25 years of teaching experience includes both private and group lessons on guitar, mandolin, and ukulele at various music schools and summer camps across the country. She also leads student bands in preparation for recitals.

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